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Grooming & Self-Serve Dog Wash


Services Based on Dog Weight

Pricing effective Jan 1, 2024

Self Serve – Walk-In Service

Pet SizePrice
Petite – 0-10 lbs $12.99
Small - 11-30 lbs$17.99
Medium -31-50 lbs$22.99
Large - 51-70 lbs$24.99
XL - 71-90 lbs$26.99
XXL – 91-110 lbs$31.99
Giants – 111 lbs and over$36.99
Self-Serve De-shed$15.00
Includes – 6 different shampoos, 2 conditioners, towels, high velocity dryers, brushes combs, furminators, dematting tools, ear cleaning wipes, dental gel, nail clippers, dremel, and friendly staff to assist when requested.

Staff Wash (Appointment Only)

Pet SizeSmooth Coat FeeDouble/Curly/Thick Coat Fee
Petite – 0-10 lbs$28.99$41.98
Small - 11-30 lbs$32.99$46.98
Medium -31-50 lbs$39.99$59.98
Large - 51-70 lbs$41.99$64.98
XL - 71-90 lbs$45.99$71.98
XXL – 91-110 lbs$50.99$79.98
Giants – 111 lbs and over$54.99$86.98
Staff Wash De-shed$32.00
Dematting Fee
$20.00 and up
Price includes – full-service wash, conditioner, blow out, brushing/combing, ear cleaning, dental gel, & nail clipping.

HAIR FEE – Applies to all dogs with double coats, long hair, curly hair, thicker/dense. (examples: all Doodles, Poodles, German Shepherd, Lab, Aussie, Husky, Saint Bernard, Pyrenees, Bernese Mountain Dogs etc.)

Does NOT apply to smooth single coat breeds (examples: Dalmation, Great Danes, Doberman, Boxer, Boston Terrier, SH Dachshund, American Bully, etc.)

Grooming Services (Appointment Only)

Dog WeightBase PricePoodles & Poodle Mixes
0 -10$60.00$75.00
16 -20$77.00$85.00
26 - 30$88.00$95.00
31- 40$93.50$115.00
51- 60$104.50$125.00
71- 80$115.50$140.00
81- 90$126.50$150.00
120 +$176.00$200.00
All prices are estimates based on Dog Weight. Prices can increase based on time to groom, coat condition & cut complexity (ex: clean face & feet & scissor cut). Grooming includes all services in Staff Wash plus hair cut.

Adhoc Services

Additional ServicesPrice
Dental Gel $3.00
Nail Trim/Grinding (*Difficult Dogs)$15.00 and up*
Ear Cleaning$3.00
Ear Plucking$10.00
Sanitary Groom$5.00
Eye Trim$5.00
Feet Trim$5.00
Full Face Trim (Groomer)$15.00
Sani, Eye, Feet Trim$10.00
Sani, Full Face, Feet Trim (Groomer)$20.00

Additional Fees

Dematting Fee$20.00 and up
Owner Requested Scissor Cut (Depends on Time)$30.00 and up
Special Handling/ Difficult Dog Fee$25.00
Cancellation Fee (Without 24 hour notice)$25.00
Exended Hour Fee (Passed 1 hour of notification)$25.00